Recommended Car Services near Salem and Roanoke VA

There are a lot of different services that your car will one day need to continue operating at its peak when driving around Salem VA, Roanoke and Madison Heights VA. Some of the more routine services that we recommend scheduling as frequently as possible include cabin air replacements, tire rotations and wheel alignments.

Replacing the cabin air filter in your car or SUV will help to keep proper airflow inside of your vehicle, as build-up and debris can prevent this system from functioning as designed. Tire rotations and wheel alignments allow your tires to do their job as well, and we recommend scheduling a service appointment if you notice warning signs such as the vehicle pulling, a clicking or squealing noise, or any type of smell.

So how do we perform these important services on your vehicle? Through our factory-trained team of technicians here in our Lynchburg service center! Our certified technicians know your vehicle, from the tiniest components to the largest and most complicated systems. With genuine Mazda auto parts from our parts center, rapid diagnostics, and modern repair equipment, we get you back out on the road with routine services checked off of your to-do list.

Loaner and Rental Vehicles are Available to Keep You Moving

While your vehicle is in our shop being worked on, you won't need to miss a beat in your busy day. No need to miss important appointments with our loaner and rental vehicles here in Lynchburg, as these quality models can get you around for longer business trips or while you wait for your car to get fixed.

Amenities and Complimentary Advantages to Make You Comfortable and At Ease

Amenities in our waiting area, along with complimentary benefits that we provide, include:

  • A courtesy wash of Mazda models after servicing
  • Complimentary service shuttle during scheduled appointments
  • Free Wi-Fi, coffee and snacks in waiting area

Frequently Asked Service and Recall Questions:

When do you suggest I change my oil?

We often recommend that you get an oil change in Forest every 3,000 miles, in accordance with your routine maintenance cycle. This can be extended if you choose to go with synthetic oil for your car.  When using synthetic oil, we recommend changing every 5,000 miles.

How do vehicle recalls in Lynchburg work?

Our Mazda recall information center is where you will want to check for a potential recall that is out for your vehicle, as you also always have the option of calling for one of our team members to check. We want to be as transparent as possible with your vehicle for sound peace of mind, so we will provide updates in real time as they occur. If your vehicle qualifies for Mazda recall work, our service center will help you schedule a service appointment at no cost to you.

Schedule your next service appointment in Lynchburg today!