Clear up foggy headlights quickly by purchasing a headlight restoration kit online or from your local auto parts store. Many old vehicles might seem cosmetically challenged, but the reality is that they just need a paint correction and headlight restoration to make them look new again.

How Does DIY Headlight Restoration Work?

3M, Pittsburgh, and Meguiar's all provide an excellent solution to restoring headlights on your vehicle. Headlight restoration works the best if you have access to an electric buffer, so for this reason, we recommend that you take your car to places like Lynchburg Mazda in Lynchburg, VA for a quick and easy solution.

Start with 500-grit sandpaper, and work your way up to 3,000-grit for a fine-sanded finish. After you have sanded, use the polish to create a crystal-clear finish. Please remember that headlight housings sometimes fill with water and must be either cut open or replaced.

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