The new Mazda6 is just as stylish as it is high-performing. It's also rich with a dazzling array of cutting-edge technologies. When Lynchburg, VA drivers visit Lynchburg Mazda, they'll have the chance to experience the following technology features firsthand.

Easy Mobile Phone Integration With Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

Compatible mobile phones can be easily integrated with the Mazda6 for assured access to drivers' favorite mobile apps, entertainment, and platforms. Once integrated, your cellphone can be used to cue up your music playlists, access your latest audiobook, search for directions, and more. When actively driving, you can use voice command to search for weather alerts, draft text messages, and make hands-free phone calls.

Get Pristine Sound With the Bose 11-Speaker Audio System

With speakers throughout the vehicle, the Bose 11-Speaker Audio System offers a truly immersive listening experience. Known for clarity, these speakers are perfect for music lovers who enjoy playing tunes while covering miles. Designed specifically for providing impressive cabin acoustics, this feature will make your favorite songs sound even better.

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